Technology for the Electricity Value Chain

Before we can flip on a light switch, charge our smart phones and computers, power-up a manufacturing facility, refine petroleum into gasoline, or do any of the countless other activities that define a modern society, we need fuel to generate electricity and a transmission and delivery system to get the electricity to the residential, commercial and industrial users who rely on it. Technology enables every stage of that process and the very essence of our modern way of life depends upon continuing research and development, ongoing maintenance and upgrade of our electricity infrastructure, and advances in customer services.

For over 30 years, Pearl Street has been analyzing the engineering and market feasibility and the economic and environmental impact of technologies across the electricity value chain. We’ve assisted inventors seeking funding for cutting-edge technologies and global corporations seeking acquisitions and targeting new markets, and we can help you. We have the experience to help you complete the due diligence needed to evaluate new technologies and applications and to advise you through the process of scaling up through the concept, prototype, lab scale/testing, pilot demonstrations, and full-scale, beta and commercial phases.